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At Aquafinancial Consulting, we focus on helping individuals, families and business owners achieve their financial goals.

Aqua Financial Consulting

Many Canadians definitely deserve better service from their financial providers. Unfortunately, many of them were over-charged, given a biased advice, under serviced and infrequently provided a well-coordinated financial plan.  At Aqua Financial Consulting, we provide wholistic financial planning, addressing all aspect of your finances.

We steer and provide a plan to achieve your financial goals.

Why Choose Aqua Financial Consulting

We sit down with you in the comfort of your home, listen, discover and figure out your financial goals. 
Once your financial goals are established, we put together a plan utilizing insurance, investment, tax and financial planning strategies to achieve these goals. 

This plan is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure we stay on track. 

kayaks Specializing in Financial Planning, Insurance and Investment Solutions.


  • Walè is my trusted advisor and has never steered me wrong. I haven't lost money. I've consistently made money - steady and conservatively - even during the downturn.

    Edith K.
  • Walè knows how to make money work for his clients. Wale is passionate about investing, with his advice I now confidently watch my investments grow.

    Deb M.
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