Retirement Planning

Aqua Financial Retirement Planning

It’s natural for the people to be caught up in the day to day activities and forget about for tomorrow. We understand that in order for you to afford the necessities you enjoy today, after retirement, you need to start planning and save money as early as possible.  

Retirement Planning forms a portion of your overall Financial Plan. 

Retirement Planning Questions to Consider:

    • Can I make better use of my home equity? 

    • Will my family be financially secure if something bad happens to me? 

    • Am I paying excessive taxes? 

    • Am I invested correctly, given the stage of life I am in? 

    • Am I on the right track for a comfortable retirement? Is there a possiblity I will outlive my money? 

    • Is there a chance I can save money on my mortgage or other debts? 

    • What government benefits are available? 

    • Are there any tax credits I can utilize? 

    • I don’t understand my pension plan, can you help me understand which option is best for me? 

Aqua Financial Retirement Process

Initial Meeting

During our first meeting, we will ensure that we will get to know more of each other. We will definitely make you feel very comfortable through listening carefully about your situation and personal goals.

Financial Plan

Once we have established your financial goals, we put together a well-detailed financial plan developed specifically for you in order to help you meet your desired goals and provide financial peace of mind.

Staying on Track

We regulary review the plan to ensure we are on track and make adjustments if necessary. Life changes, plans can also change so we adjust so that we can stil meet your financial goals. 

Our retirement plans can ensure a peace of mind throughout your retirement years because we can provide you a well-suitable and crafted plan.

In order to ensure that your estate will continue to last its legacy, it is very important for you to have a well-developed estate plan. The tax savings, and the financial impact from a well-developed plan can have a lasting impact on your legacy.

Our unique developed strategies are formulated by incorporating our knowledge in Lending Investments, Insurance, Tax and Trust. Using our services will greatly minimize your tax and help you accumulate your wealth.

Aqua Financial can help you develop a proper protection for you insurance needs with a well-tailored plan in order to fulfill your current and future financial needs. As independent advisors, we have access to over 20 life and health insurance companies in Canada, therefore choosing the solution that best fits your needs. We have also implemented strategies that fulfill unique estate needs.